Xiaomi launches Mi TV Stick, 34″ 144 Hz gaming monitor and two electric scooters globally

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Xiaomi’s ecosystem is wildly varied – today’s announcement brings a new smart TV stick and a pair of electric scooters, plus a gaming monitor to boot.

Xiaomi’s ecosystem is wildly varied – today’s announcement brings a new smart TV stick and a pair of electric scooters, plus a gaming monitor to boot.

Mi TV Stick

This device can add some Android TV 9.0 smarts to your TV. This is more basic than the Mi Box, however, as even though it has an HDMI 2.0 plug on one end it tops out at 1080p resolution.

It’s powered by the Amlogic S905 Y2 chipset with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of eMMC 5.1 storage. For streaming there’s Wi-Fi 5 (ac) connectivity and you can hook up controllers over Bluetooth 4.2.


The Mi TV Stick and its remote

The Mi TV Stick does come with a fairly nice remote – it’s a simple “air mouse” type remote with handy buttons that directly launch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video or the Google Assistant if you need something more complex. You can also use the Chromecast protocol to easily send photos and videos from your phone to your TV.

The Mi TV Stick starts from €40. For comparison, the 4K-enabled Mi Boxes are €60 or so (if you’re buying from Europe).

Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34″

No TV today to go with the Stick, but here’s something for gamers – a 34″ 144 Hz monitor. AMD FreeSync premium is supported with Low Frame Rate compensation (the monitor automatically repeats the last frame to maintain the target refresh rate). For inputs, you get two HDMIs and two DisplayPorts.


34″ 144 Hz 1440p+ gaming monitor with 1500R curvature

It has 21:9 aspect ratio and 1440p+ resolution (3,440 x 1,440 px to be precise). The panel promises a high quality picture with 121 sRGB coverage. The display’s curvature is 1500R (imagine a circle with 1,500 mm radius), which is the highest curvature you can get currently.

The Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34″ will cost €400.

Mi Electric Scooter 1S and Pro 2

The Mi Electric Scooter 1S is a refresh of the original M365 model. It weighs 12.5 kg and its battery is rated at 30 km range. As before it uses a 250 W motor (500 W peak), which gives it a maximum speed of 25 km/h (note that the range figure assumes a 75 kg rider going at 15 km/h on a flat surface).

The 1S adds a numeric speed indicator plus several status icons that show e.g. driving mode whereas the original model had four simple LED lights to show battery charge. This model also uses the sturdier disc brake on the back wheel as seen in the Pro.


You can ride the Mi Electric Scooter 1S for 25 km then fold it to stash or carry it

The second generation Pro scooter doesn’t change much from its predecessor. It does fix some durability issues though with improved cooling, battery management and better wiring. Both the 1S and Pro 2 double the power of the headlight, 2W.

The Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 weighs 14.2 kg and has an extended battery compared to the vanilla models – 45 km. The motor is rated at 300 W continuous output (600 W peak), the top speed remains 25 km/h (it’s a legal requirement in many places). Still, the more powerful motor allows it to climb 20% gradients while the 1S is limited to 14%. This one is not only better at driving, it’s better at stopping too.

The Pro also has an additional disc brake on the front wheel while the 1S has only one (on the rear wheel). This is in addition to the E-ABS system that uses the motor for regenerative breaking.


Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2: Larger battery • 20% gradients • Still easy to carry

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S starts at €400. The added range and performance of the Scooter Pro 2 will set you back €500.

Note: the scooters sold in Germany are capped to 20 km/h and the rear fender has a space for a number plate.


Xiaomi even had a “one more thing” that will excite Formula 1 fans – the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 Mercedes AMG-Petronas F1 Team edition. More information will be revealed at a later date.


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