Samsung Galaxy S20 FE users complain of erratic touchscreen issues

BY Mojgan October 18, 2020 Phones & Tablets ، Samsung ، Technology 1 views
  • Some Samsung Galaxy S20 FE users are facing touchscreen issues.
  • The phone is reportedly confusing tap and swipe gestures.
  • It’s even prone to registering phantom inputs at times.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is perhaps the best phone for budget-minded flagship buyers who don’t want to drop $1,000 for premium specs. However, it seems some users who have already purchased the phone are experiencing strange issues with its screen.

Galaxy S20 FE users have taken to Reddit and Samsung’s forums (h/t PiunikaWeb) to complain about erratic touchscreen problems. For some, the phone seems to have trouble distinguishing between swipe and tap gestures. Others say that it’s simply not responding to touch or is registering phantom inputs.

There aren’t many complaints about these touchscreen problems on the Galaxy S20 FE, but enough for Samsung to sit up and take notice. Incidentally, folks over at 9to5Google experienced similar issues with their review unit. It would randomly turn on the pocket mode and mess up gestures.

We also reviewed the Galaxy S20 FE and didn’t notice any of these problems. In fact, we noted that its 120Hz display is one of its biggest draws and works without a hitch. Perhaps the touchscreen issues are limited to a few units, but it’s hard to tell since the phone just went on sale a few weeks back.

It’s unclear if the Galaxy S20 FE has a hardware problem or if this is just a software glitch. Samsung hasn’t officially acknowledged the issues, but we hope it can fix them soon before the phone reaches the hands of more customers.


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