Origin’s new 17-inch laptops pack RTX Super graphics in five-pound frames

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If you absolutely must own the thinnest and lightest but most powerful laptop possible, Origin PC might be able to help. 

If you absolutely must own the thinnest and lightest but most powerful laptop possible, Origin PC might be able to help. The custom PC builder is refreshing its EVO17-S and NT-17 laptops today to equip them with the latest Intel 10th-generation H-series processors and NVIDIA RTX Super GPUs

At the top end, you can configure the EVO17-S and NT-17 with a Core i7-10875H CPU (No Ryzen 4000 option here, unfortunately). The octa-core chip has a TDP of 45W and a maximum boost clock speed of 5.10GHz. Both machines can support up to 64GB of 2,666MHz DDR4 RAM (which is more RAM than anyone needs at this point). For storage, meanwhile, you have the option of adding up to two 2TB NVMe solid-state drives. 

Intel and NVIDIA’s latest hardware isn’t a huge jump over what the companies were offering last year. Of the two, the new RTX cards are more notable. The new Super cards feature additional CUDA (but slower boost clock speeds) and two new features called Dynamic Boost and Advanced Optimus. The former can lead to better performance in some instances.

Returning to the laptops, you have three options when it comes to their 17.3-inch displays. You can pick a 1080p panel with either a 240Hz or 144Hz refresh rate or a 60Hz 4K panel with 100 percent Adobe RGB coverage. With its wider color gamut, the latter will be best suited for design, photography and video work, while the former two will be a better fit for gaming thanks to their high refresh rates.  

In terms of I/O, the two laptops come with three USB-A ports, one Thunderbolt 3-compatible USB-C port, an ethernet connection and a microSD card reader. On the back of the base, the EVO17-S and NT-17 also include Mini DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, allowing you to power an external 144Hz or 240Hz display with them. 

To top it all off, the new computers come in redesigned chassis that weigh 5.07 pounds and measure in at .78 inches thick. Of course, all that computing power a slim package comes at a cost; the EVO17-S and NT-17 start at $1,999. You can buy the EVO17-S and NT-17 through the Origin website. 


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