A Smaller Samsung Galaxy Home Leaks through FCC Filings

May 22, 2019
A Smaller Samsung Galaxy Home Leaks through FCC Filings


Despite not yet shipping its smart speaker, the Galaxy Home, Samsung appears to already be working on a follow-up to that device. A new Federal Communications Commission filingshows that Samsung has a new "AI speaker" underway, which looks like a smaller version of the Galaxy Home with a shorter body and no legs. It maintains its cauldron-like shape, and it's likely going to be a tinier, cheaper counterpart to the original. (Yes, that probably means running on Bixby, too.)

There's not a whole lot of information to gain here about the mini Galaxy Home or the original; as of May 10th, Samsung says it still plans to ship the Galaxy Home in the first half of the year, although it originally said it would launch in April and quietly let that date slip by. There's still no pricing information for the original Galaxy Home, so it's hard to tell how much a smaller version would cost. In comparison, the tiny Echo Dot and Google Home Mini retail for $50. (Consumers typically pay much less than that since they're often discounted or given away as free gifts with purchases.)

I may not be a gadget maker, but I do know it can take years for a product to go from conception to creation to possibly ever being put on the market. (My colleague Ashley Carman, by the way, has a great video series on this!) So it's no surprise that the mini version of the Galaxy Home has already been planned. Still, coming into a space that's already crowded, it may be better if Samsung shipped its announced product first before worrying too much about a follow-up.