Samsung’s next TWS earphones will be called Galaxy Buds Pro

BY Mojgan December 1, 2020 Samsung ، Technology 1 views

Samsung is getting ready to launch yet another pair of true wireless earbuds with Galaxy Buds branding, perhaps alongside the Galaxy S21 family in January. Following the original Galaxy Buds, the Buds+, and the Buds Live, we’re going to get the Buds Pro.

This name was confirmed by the Indonesian Telecom Certification authority, right alongside the model number SM-R190. The new earbuds have also been certified by China’s 3C with a 472 mAh battery in the case, as well as the Korean NRRA.

All of these certifications mean that this product is almost ready to launch, and of course that fits well with the rumored mid-January S21 unveiling event. Based on the name, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Galaxy Buds Pro come with active noise cancellation, which has quickly become all the rage in the TWS market space.

Interestingly enough, so far the rumors have mentioned the Galaxy Buds Beyond as arriving alongside the S21 family, so perhaps “Beyond” was just a codename – or a marketing name that got changed at the last minute. Or Samsung could also be readying a different TWS product called Galaxy Buds Beyond. It’s all a bit confusing at the moment.


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