Samsung Will Mass Produce Snapdragon 750 for Qualcomm Using Its 8nm FinFET Node, in Addition to the Snapdragon 875

BY Mojgan October 11, 2020 Samsung ، Technology 9 views

Samsung might have secured another deal with Qualcomm because, in addition to mass producing the Snapdragon 875, the Korean manufacturer will also be mass producing the Snapdragon 750. If you recall, Qualcomm announced the new chipset not too long ago, and it would be positioned as a slightly less powerful version of the Snapdragon 765 while also offering an integrated 5G modem.

Samsung Will Reportedly Be Spending a Whopping $8.6 Billion to Improve Chip Technologies, Possibly to Secure More Lucrative Deals From the Likes of Apple

Previously, it was reported that Samsung lost all Snapdragon 875 orders as it was facing mass production difficulties with its 5nm EUV process. Shortly after, the Korean tech behemoth secured a $850 million deal with Qualcomm to manufacture the Snapdragon 875, which is slated to get announced during the Snapdragon Tech Summit which will likely be held from December 1. This deal is an excellent opportunity for Samsung to prove that its 5nm EUV technology is more or less equivalent to what TSMC delivers.

This could also be the reason why Qualcomm has tapped Samsung to mass produce the Snapdragon 750 too. Then again, it’s possible the company gave the San Diego chipset maker an offer that could not be refused, prompting Qualcomm to secure the deal in a quick fashion. The Snapdragon 750 will be manufactured on the 8nm FinFET node, making it less efficient than the Snapdragon 875. Since it will be less costly to produce, it will obviously be found in less pricey smartphones, which we’ll probably be seeing during the month of December or perhaps during the start of 2021.

Additionally, Samsung is reportedly spending approximately $8.6 billion annually to develop and improve its chip technologies. The company was also said to make a direct jump from 5nm to 3nm in an effort to bridge the gap with TSMC. Currently, TSMC manufactures 5nm chips for Apple for its A14 Bionic and if Samsung is able to make the necessary efforts to ramp up chip development and improve it accordingly, there’s a chance it might secure a deal with the iPhone maker in the near future.

For now, Samsung will probably be focusing its efforts on mass producing the Snapdragon 875 and the Snapdragon 750. When the company feels it can secure more opportunities, perhaps we’ll be hearing about those rumors in the near future, so stay tuned.


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