Samsung rolls out a new update to its 5 year old Galaxy S6 and Note 5

BY Mojgan November 19, 2020 Phones & Tablets ، Samsung ، Technology 6 views

Support for the Galaxy S6 series and Galaxy Note 5 ended a few years ago, and considering their age, most users have likely upgraded by now. But that hasn’t stopped Samsung from introducing new firmware updates for these devices, extending their life for a little longer.

SamMobile on Tuesday said Samsung began rolling out firmware updates for the Galaxy Note 5 (firmware version N920SKSS2DTJ2) and Galaxy S6 series (firmware versions firmware versions G92xSKSS3ETJ1 and G928SKSS3DTJ3). The initial rollout took place in South Korea, with a wider rollout happening in Europe and Latin America.

SamMobile said the changelog mentions the inclusion of security-related stabilization code. However, the devices will continue to run on top of Android 7.0 Nougat and the September 2018 security patch. It’s unclear if anything else of significance was changed, though. SamMobile suggests Samsung discovered a vulnerability that needed to be addressed immediately, hence the surprise update.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has introduced a surprise update to the Galaxy S6. At the beginning of last year, the company rolled out a January 2019 security update to the UAE variants of the Galaxy S6 series after a vulnerability was seemingly discovered.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 series and Galaxy Note 5 were released all the way back in 2015, and since then we’ve seen several new Samsung flagship devices. Google, meanwhile, is now up to Android 11, so the market has progressed quite a bit since these devices were introduced. It’s likely most diehard Samsung fans have upgraded their device in the last two years. But, in case you haven’t, your old phone will live on a little longer with the new firmware update.


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