Samsung is fixing the Galaxy S20 FE’s erratic display with new updates

BY Mojgan October 25, 2020 Phones & Tablets ، Samsung ، Technology 5 views
  • Samsung is addressing the Galaxy S20 FE’s display issues with a pair of firmware updates.
  • Some Galaxy S20 FE users complained of erratic touchscreen performance soon after the phone launched.
  • Judging by the update, the problem seems to be a software issue rather than a hardware fault.

After some users voiced concerns about the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE‘s display performance, Samsung is now addressing those issues with a couple of updates.

Soon after the phone’s launch, some owners experienced several problems with the device’s display sensitivity. These ranged from phantom touch issues and its inability to distinguish taps from gestures and swipes, to completely ignoring any input in extreme cases. Notably, our review unit had no such issues, but a smattering of users across Reddit and Samsung’s forums have suffered through the problems mentioned above.

According to SamMobile, an update rolled out to the device last week and specifically addresses these issues. A second update is now hitting Europe with the firmware number G78xxXXU1ATJ5. Although the new update’s changelog doesn’t indicate any specific tweaks to the touchscreen, SamMobile notes that its review unit is now functioning as expected after installing it.

Despite the issue, the Galaxy S20 FE seemingly got off to a good start. It looked an attractive option on paper for those who didn’t want to fork out on the more expensive S20 flagships. But the display gremlins spawned concerns that Samsung may have cut more corners than initially thought. Thankfully for buyers, it seems to be an easily-fixable software issue rather than a hardware defect.


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