Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is ready for war (or people who play too much COD)

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The Samsung Galaxy S line isn’t as rugged as it used to be, what with its current “glass sandwich” design.

Source: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S line isn’t as rugged as it used to be, what with its current “glass sandwich” design. However, that didn’t stop Sammy from creating a new variant in the line that’s specifically designed to withstand the horrors of war: the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition.

Samsung describes the phone as “mission ready […] tailored to the unique needs of operators in the federal government and Department of Defense (DoD).” Considering you will only be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition through official IT partners, it’s clear this phone isn’t designed for you and me.

However, it also appears that the phone doesn’t differ much from the consumer-grade versions of the Galaxy S20 line. The specs sheet is pretty much the same (4,000mAh battery, 12GB RAM, 128GB ROM, triple-lens rear camera, etc.) and the phone itself doesn’t appear to feature any kind of new design. What Samsung seems to have done here is throw a Galaxy S20 in a super-rugged, highly-technical case, add in some hyper-secure software tweaks, and called it a day.


Source: Samsung

It does appear that the case itself can do quite a bit though. Along with some new military-centric features on the phone (easy-unlock from the chest, night-vision mode, etc.), the case appears to have accessories of its own to enhance its usefulness. Check out the (horribly Photoshopped) photo below:


Source: Samsung

We don’t know how much the Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition will cost, but it probably doesn’t matter. Considering the defense budget here in the US, Samsung will probably charge a lot of money for the phone and only deliver in bulk.


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