OnePlus Powerbank has a 10000mAh battery, 18W fast charging for just $20

BY Mojgan October 17, 2020 OnePlus ، Technology 5 views
Source: OnePlus

Alongside the OnePlus 8T, OnePlus is introducing its first external power bank, the OnePlus Powerbank. The accessory is making its debut in India, and will be limited to the country.

The OnePlus Powerbank has a 10,000mAh lithium polymer battery and delivers up to an 18W charge, with OnePlus noting that the power bank can intelligently adjust the output charge based on the device connected. You can also use the power bank to charge low-power Bluetooth devices like headsets and wearables by pressing twice on the power button, which switches it to a low current mode.

The Powerbank comes with a 2-in-1 Micro-USB/USB-C cable for compatibility with a wide variety of phones and accessories, and it will be available in two finishes: black and green. Sales kick off starting October 15 for just ₹1,299 ($20), with the OnePlus Powerbank going up against the likes of what Xiaomi and Realme offer in this category.

Building out the accessories segment is the natural progression for OnePlus, with the company introducing several audio products in the last 15 months. OnePlus has a lot of cachet in India, and it makes sense for the company to build on that by rolling out affordable accessories. The foray into external power banks is an interesting one, and we’ll have to wait and see how OnePlus fares in this category.


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