QR Code web page sharing now also available in Edge Canary

BY Mojgan February 8, 2021 Microsoft ، Software & Applications ، Technology 1 views

We wrote yesterday that Google had now rolled out the general availability of web page sharing via QR Codes in Chrome 88. Today we can report that the feature is now also available in Edge Canary version 90.0.789.0.

The feature can be accessed via clicking on the address bar, or via a right-click on the web page.

Images can also be shared via their own QR Codes.

Most smartphone photo apps now have built-in automatic QR Code scanning, meaning simply opening your phone camera app and pointing it at your screen should open up the shared URL.

The feature is another way of connecting phones and PCs, and with fewer constraints than other less reliable methods such as WIFI, Bluetooth or paired device connections.

The feature should roll out to stable builds in 1-2 months.


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