Microsoft’s new programming language ‘Bosque’ has no love for loops

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Microsoft has introduced a new programming language named Bosque. 

Microsoft has introduced a new programming language named Bosque. The new language does not follow many conventional models that we know today, according to the developer of the language, Mark Barron. Instead, it has opted for ‘regularized programming model’ which according to the company will increase developer productivity, software quality, and enable a golden age of developments in compilers and developer tooling.

Bosque addresses five major sources of accidental complexity. These are ‘Mutable State and Frames’, ‘Loops, Recursion, and Invariants’, ‘Indeterminate Behaviors’, ‘Data Invariant Violations’, and ‘Equality and Aliasing.’

As mentioned above, Bosques doesn’t require ‘for’,’ while’, ‘do while’ loops, it approaches conditionals in a different way. Microsoft introduced ‘Functors’ which serves the purpose of ‘loop’ and can increase software quality. You can see how ‘Functors’ differs from ‘loops’ in the below image.


Those of you familiar with JavaScript and its frameworks, TypeScript(which is a superset of JavaScript), will understand Bosque codes better than anyone else as Bosque language is derived from a combination of TypeScript inspired syntax and types plus ML and Node/JavaScript inspired semantics. To know more about Bosque language in detail check this research paper from Microsoft. You can also find code examples on GitHub.

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