Microsoft turned its sustainability report into a Minecraft map

BY Mojgan February 1, 2021 Entertainment ، Environment + Energ ، Games ، Microsoft ، Technology 8 views

Microsoft released its annual sustainability report today, and Minecraft developer Mojang decided to turn it into something interactive. Called simply “Sustainable City,” the new Minecraft map is available as a free download in the Minecraft marketplace, and it’s also been added to the game’s educational offshoot.

The map features six included lessons, which Mojang says are “designed to give students a sense of stewardship for the planet.” The lessons cover topics like sustainable food production, water outflow and treatment, and responsible forestry. One lesson tasks players with exploring a home built entirely from sustainable materials; another has them venture to a landfill to learn what happens to non-recyclable materials.

The educational version of Minecraft has been around since 2016, but it has become especially popular of late due to the rise in remote learning. Right now, Microsoft says more than 35 million students and educators are licensed to use the platform.


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