Microsoft is a founding member company of the Rust Foundation

BY Mojgan February 11, 2021 Microsoft ، Technology 7 views
Source: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central

Microsoft is a founding member company of the new Rust Foundation. The Rust Foundation is an independent non-profit organization that will steward the Rust ecosystem and programming language. Microsoft joins Amazon’s AWS, Huawei, Google, and Mozilla as the founding member companies of the Rust Foundation.

The Rust Foundation will hold its first board meeting tomorrow, February 9, 2021 at 5pm ET.

The interim executive director of the Rust Foundation, Ashley Williams, announced the Rust Foundation and explained how it will affect the development of Rust going forward:

This marks a huge step in the growth of Rust on several axes; not the least of which, a formal, financial commitment from a set of global industry leading companies, heralding Rust’s arrival as an enterprise production-ready technology. I am personally moved, and motivated, by the sense of responsibility that comes from this commitment. Our founding sponsors’ eager and enthusiastic participation is not only a promise to maintain and sustain Rust as what it is today, but an endorsement of Rust’s values and a dedication to share the responsibility of cultivating the future that Rust aspires to.

Rust is a popular programming language for system development. Originally made by Mozilla to improve Firefox, the programming language has been used by several companies and by many developers. Both Microsoft and Amazon’s AWS financially support the development of Rust and are among the founding member companies of the Rust Foundation.

As highlighted by ZDNet, Microsoft has experimented with using Rust to replace parts of Windows that are written with C and C++.

Mozilla was the original home of the Rust project but has transferred all trademark and infrastructure assets to the Rust Foundation.


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