Industry analyst reveals how many Xbox Series X|S Consoles Microsoft sold in 2020

BY Mojgan February 8, 2021 Entertainment ، Games ، Microsoft ، Technology 5 views

Sony recently officially confirmed how many PS5 consoles the company managed to shift, revealing in the company’s Q3 earnings report that they sold a total of 4.5 million consoles.

Since falling behind the Playstation Microsoft has been more reticent about revealing their sales numbers, leaving it up to analysts to estimate the company’s performance.

Previously around 3 million Xbox consoles were estimated, and today we have Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, adding their own estimate.

According to Ahmad, Microsoft managed to ship around 1 million fewer Xbox consoles that Sony, suggesting around 3.5 million were sent to stores.

With both consoles in short supply, the issue has certainly not been demand, and Ahmad suggested Microsoft simply underestimated demand and started manufacturing too late.

While Microsoft has been far behind Sony for many years, their pivot to a Netflix-like game subscription service appears to be paying off, with Microsoft recently revealing that they have 15 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers. 


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