Netmarketshare: Chrome continues unstoppable rise to 71% market share

BY admin August 3, 2020 Google 3 views

Netmarketshare has released its market share report for July 2020.

Netmarketshare has released its market share report for July 2020.


In this month’s report, Windows 10’s share is 59.59%  up from last month’s 58.93%.  Windows 7 share continues to decline from 23.35% to 23.11%. Windows overall increased its share slightly from 86.69% to 87.59% share.


macOS share dropped from 9.22% share to 7.08%, while Linux share continued its mysterious increase from 3.61% to  4.73%. If this trend continues it is imaginable that Linux could overtake MacOS in a few months. ChromeOS only has 0.42% share, up from 0.41%  share last month.


On the browser side, Chrome has breached 70% market share, now accounting for 71% of the market.

Edge is slightly up from 8.07%  to  8.46%. This number is somewhat disappointing given that Microsft has started rolling out the new Edge via a Cumulative Update. New users are still choosing Chrome over Edge.

Firefox share dropped from 7.58% to 7.27%, while Internet Explorer saw a strange rise from 4.53% to 5.99% share.


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