Google Maps update brings split screen mode for Street View

BY Mojgan February 2, 2021 Google ، Software & Applications ، Technology 6 views

Google is quietly rolling out a slight layout update for Google Maps – split screen for Street View and the map. The map shows available imagery (either SV or photo spheres, both highlighted in blue), so you can tap to jump to a specific location.

The feature launches automatically after dropping a pin and going into Street View, you don’t have to do anything special. Split screen is available in both vertical and landscape orientations. There’s also an Expand button, so that you go full screen if you liked the old look.

This feature appears to have arrived with app version 10.59.1, though it also seemingly requires a server-side switch as it’s not active for all users (even those running said version). This is probably why there isn’t an official announcement yet.

It’s a small thing, but a helpful one – previously, you had to back out of Street View to the map every time you wanted to jump to a new location (going forwards and backwards on the road was tedious).

This feature was previously seen in the web version of Google Maps. It is also similar to the Live View AR feature, though that used a live feed from your camera instead of Street View imagery.


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