Chrome PDF Viewer is getting a new UI

Jun 29, 2020
Chrome PDF Viewer is getting a new UI

Of late, Google has been constantly improving PDF Viewer in the Chrome browser. For instance, it developed an option to see PDF in a two-page view and let you save PDF forms. Now, the company is working on a new UI for the PDF Viewer.


Currently, Google Chrome displays this information, and these options for a PDF loaded in the browser when you hover over with the mouse.

The toolbar at the top of the page shows PDF name, Page numbers, Rotate clockwise, Print and download buttons.

On the right sidebar, PDF Viewer shows Fit to page and Zoom In/out buttons.


The PDF Viewer's new toolbar UI to consolidate and display all the following PDF controls in one place.

Sidebar nav, PDF title, Page numbers, Zoom controls, Rotate, Fit to Page, download, and Print buttons along with additional menu at the end that shows more options when clicked.

Enable the new UI for PDF Viewer in Chrome

1. Visit chrome://flags page

2. Search for "PDF Viewer Update"


The flag description says "the PDF Viewer will display an updated UI with new options and features" on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

3. Select "Enabled" from the dropdown and restart the browser

As of now, if you enable the flag, Canary shows placebo text "New PDF Viewer toolbar will appear over here".

Recently, Microsoft announced it will bring Table of Contents, Highlight mode, Text notes, digital signatures, Protected PDF files, and other new features and improvements to the new Microsoft Edge PDF Reader.

Mozilla hasn't left behind either. The company constantly updates PDF.js. Recently, a lot of improvements landed in Firefox Nightly related to the PDF viewer.

For instance, you can now set Firefox as default PDF Reader on Windows 10 and the browser now shows PDF opened from it with Edge in app mode.