VLC update brings native support for M1-powered Macs, fixes macOS audio issues

BY Mojgan January 20, 2021 Apple ، Software & Applications ، Technology 3 views

The latest version of VLC, 3.0.12, brings some major improvements for macOS users. Especially those who got an M1-powered Mac, since this is the first version of the video player to natively support Apple silicon.

Note that after updating to v3.0.12 you will still have the x86 app. You need to hit Check for updates from the menu again, then you’ll be shown v3.0.12.1, which is the actual ARM version of the app.

Even if you have an Intel-powered Mac, you should download this update as it fixes the audio distortion issues that happened on macOS. It has some UI improvements for Big Sur as well.

VLC gains native support for running on the Apple M1 chip (image credit)

Macs aside, the latest VLC adds support for the RIST protocol, improves how settings for adaptive streaming resolution are handled, updates the YouTube and Vocaroo scripts, touches up the web interface and patches several security issues. Also, crashes with Direct3D video filters have been fixed.

You can find download links and the full changelog at the Video LAN website.


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