Tim Cook calls for ‘carbon-neutral economy’ in speech at UN Climate Ambition Summit

BY Mojgan December 16, 2020 Apple ، Technology 8 views

As expected, Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered a short speech at the United Nations 2020 Climate Ambition Summit on Saturday. During his speech, Cook addressed the need for countries to act to swiftly fight climate change.

The Climate Ambition Summit was held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and co-hosted by the United Nations, the United Kingdom, and France. Cook pointed out during his speech that Apple’s goal to be 100% carbon neutral for its entire supply chain by 2030 is 20 years more aggressive than the goal set by the United Nations.

In fact, Cook said that the Apple plan is “unrivaled in its ambition.”

This is an important gathering, and we at Apple don’t take our presence in this group lightly. We wear it as a badge of duty. At this moment of historic urgency, every leader of nations, of companies, and of communities has a particular burden to act. This year, Apple has accelerated our progress. We became carbon neutral for our worldwide corporate emissions. Already, we’re helping 95 of our suppliers transition to 100% renewable energy, a number we continue to grow.

We’ve unveiled a plan, unrivaled in its ambition, to achieve carbon neutrality for our entire supply chain and product usage by 2030, 20 years before the goal set by the United Nations. We see every part of our device lifecycle, from design to manufacturing, to durability and repair, to recycling, as an opportunity for environmental innovation, moving us towards our goal of a closed loop supply chain.

The Apple CEO also emphasized that “the choice between the bottom line and the future of our planet is a false one.” If countries work together, Cook said, the world can transition to a “carbon-neutral economy.”

The choice between the bottom line and the future of our planet is a false one, and each new green innovation offers the proof. This is no time for changes of the margins. Together, we can transition to a carbon-neutral economy and usher in a new era of inclusive opportunity. This is a moment for ambition, cooperation, and leadership. We at Apple are proud to be your partner, and we call on companies and governments around the world to do all we can to make 2021 the year we turn the corner for good.

You can watch Cook’s prepared remarks during the Climate Ambition Summit in the video below at the 2 hour and 40 minute mark.


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