Samsung mocks Apple’s lack of charger, but how long until it backpedals?

BY Mojgan October 17, 2020 Apple ، Phones & Tablets ، Technology 4 views
  • A Samsung Facebook page has mocked Apple for dropping the charger from the iPhone box.
  • Samsung previously poked fun at Apple for dropping the 3.5mm port, only to do this as well.

Apple held its iPhone 12 series launch earlier this week, where it made another polarizing decision by dropping the charger from its iPhone boxes. Furthermore, those wanting a charger nonetheless will need to spend $20 extra.

Samsung has latched onto this move on its Caribbean Facebook page, mocking Apple for dropping the charger from the box. Check out a screenshot of the post below.

Credit: Samsung Caribbean

It’s interesting that the company chose to mock Apple for a decision when this tactic backfired in a massive way before. More specifically, Samsung previously posted videos mocking the iPhone’s lack of a headphone port, only to ditch the port themselves a couple of years later with the Galaxy Note 10 series.

Samsung then deleted said videos, ostensibly to avoid looking like hypocrites. But third-party users managed to save and upload these clips anyway.

So how long it will take for the Korean manufacturer to drop chargers from their phone boxes and pretend this latest social media post never happened? Well, Korea’s ET News reported earlier this year that Samsung was already discussing the idea of dropping the charger from some phones in 2021. In other words, we fully expect the company to quietly delete this latest post if or when it does the same with its own phones.

Samsung isn’t the only company to poke fun at Apple for dropping chargers from the box, as Xiaomi did the same on Twitter (see screenshot above). It’s rather interesting that Xiaomi would say it doesn’t leave anything out of the box when it’s been dropping earphones from the box for years now in what’s likely been a cost-saving measure.


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