Leaker shares final Apple ‘AirTags’ design in leaked pairing animation video

BY Mojgan January 6, 2021 Apple ، Gadgets ، Technology 1 views

The unreleased Apple “AirTags” have appeared in a short animation that a leaker claims is the pairing video that plays when setting up your new tracker.

Known leaker Jon Prosser has shared another video with some new details about Apple’s missing Tile competitor. “AirTags” have been rumored since Apple introduced ultra wide band (UWB) to the iPhone 11 lineup.

The short clip shows the “AirTags” spinning in an animation similar to what is shown when pairing AirPods to your iPhone. This gives us our first 360 degree view of the device from an alleged official source. Prosser has provided concept images before based on leaked video, but this is the first time seeing the design in its final form.

The first look at alleged official ‘AirTags’ design. Image Credit: Front Page Tech

The design is simple with a white-rounded back and a silver front with an Apple logo. It looks similar to a watch battery with a slight hump on the back.

The “AirTags” will use other Apple devices in a private network to track down your lost device. Similar to how Tile works, user privacy and data will be protected.

Apple’s U1 processor equipped with UWB is expected to be utilized in “AirTags” for location within a few inches of precision. AR location finding features have also been discovered in previous iOS versions.

Apple ‘AirTags’ tracking tool final design shown in animation. Image Credit: Front Page Tech

Prosser asserts that the “AirTags” have been ready to ship for a while, but haven’t shipped due to the pandemic. Apple is waiting for a time to release when people may actually want a device to locate lost objects, which isn’t something you’d need if you are not leaving your house regularly. In his video, Prosser suggests a spring release is likely and his insiders agree.


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