iPhone Case Makers Are Betting The Giant Camera Bump Leaks Are Right

BY admin May 12, 2019 Apple 9 views

There’s no way around it: that’s a huge camera bump

Image: Slashleaks

We’re still a few months away from Apple’s next iPhone (which will likely launch in September), but rumors are already swirling and case makers, at least, seem to be convinced, based on the latest batch of leaked case renders courtesy of Slashleaks and Sonny Dickson.

There isn’t a ton new to see here — renders of an iPhone with a massive square camera module with three triangularly arranged lenses have been floating around for months, but the fact that case makers seem to be willing to hedge their bets on creating actual products around them might give more credence to the fact that this is an actual design.


Image: Sonny Dickson

Of course, there’s always the possibility that this is just case companies jumping the gun by having product ready for launch ahead of competition in case the iPhone 11 (or whatever Apple calls it) actually does look like this.

Still, assuming these cases are accurate, it may be time to start getting used to the idea that Apple really might stick a giant camera blob on the back of its next $1,000 phone. Those pictures better be worth it.


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