Apple patent shows a MagSafe battery case that can charge an iPhone and AirPods

BY Mojgan October 19, 2020 Apple ، Technology 6 views

An intriguing Apple patent application published yesterday shows a MagSafe battery case which can not only charge an iPhone, but also a pair of AirPods. It follows Apple repurposing the MagSafe branding for the wireless charging system introduced in the iPhone 12 lineup.

The folio case design included an embedded battery …

The application, first filed in August of last year but only published yesterday, is of course written in the usual very general language used for patents.

Accessory devices for portable electronic devices are herein described. An accessory device may include a receptacle used to receive and carry an electronic device. Further, the accessory device may include a cover that is pivotally coupled to the receptacle. The cover is designed to protect a front surface of the electronic device, including a cover glass. The accessory device may further include a power supply (such as a battery) that is located on the cover. The power supply is designed to provide power to the electronic device, and subsequently charge a battery of the electronic device. The power supply can also provide power to different devices. In this regard, the accessory device may include an inductive charging coil that can inductively charge a battery of a device located on the accessory device. The inductive charging coil can be integrated into the receptacle or the cover.

One illustration shows something similar to the existing Smart Battery Case, feeding power to the iPhone via the Lightning port. Another appears to indicate wireless charging via MagSafe.

Two of the patent illustrations clearly show AirPods holders attached to the case. This might be an integral part of a case, or may attach magnetically.

One illustration shows a holder attached to the front of the case (above), while another shows it on the side.

It’s of course not known whether Apple will bring the product to market. As we always caution, the company patents a lot of ideas that never see the light of day. However, I could certainly see an entire MagSafe ecosystem springing up, and this one looks to me like it would be extremely popular.

Apple famously doesn’t give away many of its plans in advance. Indeed, one case where the company broke its own ruleAirPower, ended up going horribly wrong. So we can expect the iPhone maker to remain even more tight-lipped in the future.


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