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Amazon Pulls Books Peddling Toxic 'Autism Cures'

Mar 14, 2019

Report: Amazon Warehouses Called 911 for Mental Health Crises At Least 189 Times in Five Years

Mar 13, 2019

Amazon Workers in Minnesota Hold Overnight Strike for Better Conditions

Mar 10, 2019

Elizabeth Warren's Plan to Break Up Big Tech Is Just the Beginning

Mar 10, 2019

Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series Confirms Its Setting, in the Vaguest Sense Possible

Mar 8, 2019

Amazon Could Get $23 Million From Arlington Just for Being Itself

Mar 6, 2019

Amazon May Finally Have to Start Paying Taxes (in France)

Mar 5, 2019

Amazon Appears to Yank Anti-Vaxxer Documentaries From Prime Video Streaming

Mar 3, 2019

Amazon May Open an Entirely New Chain of Grocery Stores: Report

Mar 2, 2019

RIP Amazon Dash Button--You Died as You Lived, Sort of Unnecessary

Mar 2, 2019

Amazon's New Plan for Fighting Counterfeit Crap Is Letting Brands Deal With It

Mar 1, 2019

Amazon Is Now Ditching on Seattle Plans, Too

Mar 1, 2019

The Federal Trade Commission Is Starting a New Antitrust Task Force Looking at Big Tech

Feb 28, 2019

Amazon and Chase Are Still Confusingly Opaque About What They Do With Your Credit Card Data

Feb 27, 2019

Amazon Cuomo Is Mad as Hell

Feb 25, 2019

Amazon Air Jet Crashes in Texas, With Three on Board Believed Dead

Feb 25, 2019

Even With HQ2 Dead, New York Isn't Done Fighting Amazon

Feb 22, 2019

Bill de Blasio Does Not Appear to Be Taking the Amazon HQ2 Breakup Well

Feb 19, 2019

What Did We Just Learn? 

Feb 16, 2019

Amazon Workers Across Europe Protest Black Friday, Citing Grueling Work Conditions

Nov 23, 2018

Two Workers Are Dead After Partial Building Collapse at Amazon's Baltimore Warehouse

Nov 3, 2018