In Another ’90s Throwback, Captain Marvel Returns Magic Eye to the Public Consciousness

BY admin March 2, 2019 Movies 3 views

My name is Charles, and I can’t Magic Eye.

Your guess is as good as mine.
Image: Marvel Studios

My name is Charles, and I can’t Magic Eye.

Despite what the elderly might tell you, the ’90s were a particularly odd (read: often bad) time for optical illusions masquerading as entertainment. Take, for example, Magic Eye, the books popularized by N.E. Thing Enterprises that convinced people they were having a good time staring at images distorted to give the impression that they had depth to them.

In its latest bit of reminding you that Captain Marvel is set in the ’90s, the movie’s Twitter account has posted a series of Magic Eye images that presumably reveal something interesting about the characters, but I couldn’t tell you because my eyes are apparently not at all magical. What exactly am I not seeing here?


Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8.


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