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Here's Why Hellboy Is a Reboot Instead of a Sequel

Mar 25, 2019

This Marvel Fan Art Is Bright, Vibrant, and Beautiful

Mar 21, 2019

With New Unlimited Plan, MoviePass Swears It's Got Its Shit Together

Mar 20, 2019

Into the Spider-Verse's Alternate Universe Cut Adds Some Serious New Dimensions to the Film

Mar 20, 2019

Ralph Fiennes Almost Turned Down Playing Voldemort Because He Didn't Know Anything About Harry Potter

Mar 18, 2019

The Wakanda Scenes in Avengers: Infinity War Were Shaped by the Cast of Black Panther

Mar 17, 2019

Well, fine: Ezra Miller's just going to write his own damn Flash movie, then

Mar 17, 2019

Holy Rocket Raccoon! James Gunn Is Back on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 [Updated]

Mar 16, 2019

Marvel's Shang-Chi Movie Has Found Its Director and Writer

Mar 14, 2019

Here's Why Nick Fury Didn't Page Captain Marvel Sooner, According to Kevin Feige

Mar 12, 2019

Steven Spielberg's Amblin is Working on a Movie About a Robot Family in Peril

Mar 11, 2019

The Mouse Guard Adaptation Has Its Stars: Andy Serkis and Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Mar 11, 2019

For Your Convenience, a Captain Marvel Spoiler Discussion Zone

Mar 10, 2019

Matt Smith Says He's Not in Star Wars: Episode IX, as Far as He Knows

Mar 9, 2019

Samuel L. Jackson's Been Trolling Us All About Captain Marvel's Powers

Mar 8, 2019

There's Only One Surviving Blockbuster Left on Planet Earth

Mar 6, 2019

The Candyman Remake May Have Found Another One of Its Stars

Mar 3, 2019

Gina Rodriguez and Tracy Morgan Are Starring in a New Animated Scooby-Doo Movie

Mar 3, 2019

Why Dark Phoenix Is the Climax of the X-Men Franchise and Will Have No Problem Killing Characters

Mar 3, 2019

In Another '90s Throwback, Captain Marvel Returns Magic Eye to the Public Consciousness

Mar 2, 2019

We've Been to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Life Will Never Be the Same

Mar 1, 2019

Rotten Tomatoes Is Changing Its Audience Rating System Because of Trolls

Feb 27, 2019

Kickstarter to Remove That Rat From the End of The Departed Whacked By DMCA Takedown

Feb 27, 2019

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Swings Into a Best Animated Film Win at the Oscars

Feb 26, 2019

Black Panther Is a Multiple Oscar Winner [Updated]

Feb 26, 2019

Spider-Man Is All Talk in This Awesome Japanese Far From Home Poster

Feb 24, 2019

The Hit Chinese Sci-Fi Film The Wandering Earth Is Coming to Netflix

Feb 23, 2019

Captain Marvel's Website Teases Obscure Villain Annihilus, Here's What You Need to Know

Feb 22, 2019

Avengers: Endgame's Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks She's Too Old to Be a Superhero

Feb 20, 2019

C'mon, people, let's leave poor Jar Jar out of this

Feb 18, 2019

Samsung Gives Up on Blu-Ray, Will Not Release Any New Players in the US

Feb 18, 2019

Report: Writer Ned Benson Has Been Brought in to Rewrite the Black Widow Movie

Feb 18, 2019

Report: Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn Might Return for Suicide Squad 2 After All

Feb 18, 2019

Daisy Ridley Got John Boyega a Strangely Spider-Man Related Gift to Celebrate Wrapping Star Wars Episode IX

Feb 17, 2019

Marvel Is Reviving Its Classic Star Wars Comic, for One Issue Only

Feb 17, 2019

Shudder's Creepshow Revival Will Feature Stories From Stephen King and the Author of Bird Box

Feb 11, 2019

Now We Know the Working Title for Terminator 6

Feb 11, 2019

Jennifer Tilly Joins Chucky's Creator in Not Approving of the Child's Play Remake

Feb 11, 2019

Into the Spider-Verse Wasn't Shameik Moore's First Audition for Lord & Miller

Feb 11, 2019

An Aquaman Spinoff Is Happening Without Any of Aquaman's Stars

Feb 10, 2019

With Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel made household names out of interstellar second-stringers

Feb 9, 2019

Woody Allen Sues Amazon After They Indefinitely Shelve His Latest Film About a Man Trying to Fuck a Teen

Feb 8, 2019

Bird Box Is the First Great Monster Movie About This Poisonous Invention

Dec 29, 2018

We've Got to Talk About Robin Hood's Wacky Ending

Nov 23, 2018

Richard E. Grant's Reaction to Getting Cast in Star Wars Is Very Relatable

Nov 3, 2018